Pupils’ Summer Concert

Here’s a selection of pieces Sophia’s pupils (ranging from 6 to 16) have recorded for their summer 2020 recital.

Emily (aged 6) plays an Ukrainian Folk Song

Emily (aged 6) plays Kabalevasky’s Joke

Flynn (aged 7) plays The Train

Jan (aged 16) plays Rachmaninov’s prelude in C# minor

Yuying (aged 11) plays Bach’s Fugue in F minor

Yuying plays Chopin’s Waltz in C# minor

Yuying plays Sinding’s Rustle of the Spring

Klara (aged 10) plays Bach’s Little Prelude in C

Anais (aged 10) plays Poor Mouse

Rebecca plays Kabalevsky’s Clowns

Freddie (aged 10) plays Chopin’s waltz in F minor op.70, no.2

Freddie plays Beethoven’s sonatina in F minor – 1st movement

Freddie plays Beethoven’s sonatina in F minor- 3rd movement

Yuying (aged 11) plays Debussy’s Claire de Lune

Yuying plays Czerny’s etude in A minor op.740

Yuying plays Clementi’s sonata in F minor

Amber (aged 13) plays Schutte’s etude in A minor

Olivia (aged 12) plays Bach’s Fugue in G BWV 902

Olivia plays plays Chopin’s Prelude in E minor

Freddie (aged 10) plays CPE Bach’s Solfegietto

Freddie plays Czerny’s etude in C minor

Jinhan (aged 14) plays Zhang’s Remote Xianggellila

Emily (aged 6) plays a Polish Folk Song

Emily plays Rubach’s Sparrow

Emily plays Gnessina’s Etude No.1

Emily plays Fillip’s Lullaby

Anais (aged 10) plays Shepherd’s Melody

Maddy (aged 13) plays Martha Mier’s Jackson Street Blues

Olivia plays Federico Ruiz’s Un amanecer en Santa Marta

Klara (aged 10) plays Mozart’s Rondo in C

Rebecca (aged 12) plays Schumann’s First Loss

Rebecca plays Couperin’s La Charolaise

Jeffrey (aged 12) plays Seixa’s Giga in D minor

Jeffrey plays Gurlitt’s Allegretto Grazioso

Amber (aged 13) plays Prokofiev’s Vision Fugitives No.10

Freddie (aged 10) plays Czerny’s etude No.120